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Read e-book online Crash Course for the New GRE, 4th edition PDF

By Neill Seltzer, Princeton Review, Wendy Voelkle

ISBN-10: 0375427546

ISBN-13: 9780375427541

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Pages: 560PrefaceI take this chance to thank the erudite reader and fellow astrologers for receiving my first publication; specifically, Maharishi Jaimini's Upadesa Sutras. whereas each attempt was once made to provide an explanation for each stanza with umpteen examples, it used to be impossible to do entire justice and completely clarify the ramifications of a number of the stanzas in a horoscope.

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For every single question, you must always go back to the passage and find proof. Always. No exceptions. The minute you stop reading, you start forgetting, and no one can remember all of the information in these passages anyway. ETS will exploit your memory of the passage with tempting but wrong answer choices. When you answer a question from memory, you make their job even easier. As long as you have to go back to the passage for proof for every question anyway, the obvious question, then, is how much of the passage should you read in the first place?

Do what you can to inform your guess, but don’t go crazy. Pick one and move on or skip and come back. A, B, C, D, E You’ve eliminated all five. Something’s gone wrong. Most likely, you’ve misread something in the question or something in the answer choices. You’ll never see your mistake unless you distract your brain. Mark the question, walk away, and come back after you’ve done a few others. , E You’re down to two. You don’t know the words. You’ve eliminated all that you can. Spend no more time.

The first is evaluating each answer choice, one by one, and the second is keeping track of which answer choices are in or out. A recent study of multitasking (trying to do multiple things at the same time) showed that it can’t be done well. The brain is simply not equipped to do too many things correctly at once. What most people call multitasking is really schizophrenically jumping back and forth between multiple tasks. The study also showed that people who attempt to multitask inevitably end up doing both tasks worse.

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Crash Course for the New GRE, 4th edition by Neill Seltzer, Princeton Review, Wendy Voelkle

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